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Original Article Date: 03.25.2022

Last Updated: 03.25.2022

Let's face it; you probably opened your last homeowner's insurance renewal and got a bit of sticker shock. After a quick Google search, you landed here for an answer!

Don't worry, you're not alone!

Understanding Why - Building Materials Markets

As the cost of building materials increases, insurance must respond appropriately. Unless your homeowner's insurance contract is on an agreed value basis, there's a solid chance that it is on a replacement cost contract.

What this means for insurance companies is that their costs to rebuild homes must go up to meet market costs. In turn, this increases your home's insurance valuations - meaning your Coverage A - "Dwelling Limit" must increase as well to properly insure your home to its 100% replacement cost.

In situations like this, it isn't uncommon for our agents to encounter new customers with values that have gone up tens of thousands of dollars - meaning their premiums have gone up hundreds.

How We're Fixing This

As much as this is valid and sound logic, consumers in a free and open market have some hope. And here at Encompass Agency of Buffalo, we decided that we are bringing that freedom of choice to you - with our new online app called RateChecker

Simply put, we have a three-step process that can help you compare your rates to multiple carriers at once and select the best option for you.

1️⃣Step 1: Fill out the survey Our short, 3-minute survey captures the most important data that we need to run multiple quotes in the carriers. The survey asks very simple questions, in a language that you can understand.

2️⃣Step 2: We do the leg work Your survey will be routed to one of our friendly, Buffalo, NY based agents who will do a manual review of your property and quote no less than three carriers that can offer a competitive rate for you. We will send you the results via email and traditional mail in no more than 24 hours. (If your account needs additional underwriting details, we may email you sooner with a few questions)

3️⃣Step 3: You decide, zero pressure to buy Instead of hounding your cell phone every 5 minutes to buy our policies, we decided it's better to just send you the quotes and let you decide for yourself.

👍If you like our rates - call in and buy it.
👎If you don't - at least you checked, and we thank you for your time.

No endless calls. No begging texts. No promises of saving you thousands (although, it could happen). Just a new experience that could potentially be the best decision you ever made with your home insurance.


Does my house qualify? If you call it a home, it most likely qualifies. We have a variety of carriers and markets that we can search high and low for coverage that fits your home. We insure many unique properties, pre-1900s to now.

I live in a mobile home; can you do those? Yes. We do them all the time.

What states are eligible? Currently, this program is only available in New York state. But we do write homeowner's insurance in all of the states we operate in, so feel free to call us instead!

I have pets, is that a problem? It depends on the pets. If you have cats, dogs and other traditional household pets we have programs available for that. If you have farm animals or exotic animals, we ask that you call in instead.

Are there any special discounts available? Filling out the survey will provide us a good guide as to what credits we can apply to the policy. There are certainly more discounts available for bundled home + auto policies, but it is not required.

Insurance coverage available in FL, NY, OH, PA, SC, TN & VA



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