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Our 6 Reasons to Buy Renter's Insurance

Renting your home may not exactly be the same as owning it; but it still comes with risk. Our agents have complied the top 6 reasons that you need to have renter’s insurance, especially when living in Buffalo, Rochester or Syracuse!

6. Affordability

One of the nice things about living in Upstate New York is that the cost of having renter’s insurance is typically super-affordable. New York is not particularly prone to severe weather like hurricanes and tornadoes, where annual catastrophic loss totals are in the millions. This means that most carriers will offer you affordable renter’s insurance from about $10 to 15 per month. I’m pretty sure that’s less than what Amazon Prime is going for these days, so why not protect everything you own for that price? In fact, today I quoted a basic, $10,000 coverage New York Central Mutual renters insurance policy for $63.00 per year.

5. It covers your clumsy friends, and your neglectful self!

Whether you own your home or not, injuries by guests can still affect you the same way. Without having renter’s insurance, you have no coverage for medical bills, doctor’s visits or the dreaded private ambulance call. Your policy provides two key coverages, liability and medical payments coverage for exactly these situations. Don’t let the next slip and fall turn into an un-friend request on social media, or worse, a docked paycheck.

4. If you own a dog or cat, you need renters.

Pet biting claims are one of the top liability lawsuits against property owners in the insurance world. When Fluffy decides s/he is done playing nicely and takes a bite, you could be looking at hundreds of thousands in medical bills. Don’t chance it; just get it.

3. It covers your stuff

Even when you don’t own your house, you still want to make sure you have coverage for your belongings. Yes, even if you “know your landlord, and they’re cool”, your landlord has absolutely no responsibility for replacing your damaged contents due to a fire, bursting pipe or theft. For $10 to 15 a month, you can protect thousands of dollars worth of valuables when something like this happens.

2. It covers your stuff...in your car

One of the biggest misconceptions about auto insurance in New York is that your auto policy covers the belongings in it. Your homeowner’s policy is actually the policy that provides contents coverage for the belongings in your car, or on your person (think your laptop that is in your backpack or purse right now). Without having a homeowner’s or renter’s policy, a break-in to your car means you have no coverage.

1. You likely will get better pricing on your car insurance

Since renter’s insurance is a form of home insurance, most companies that provide car insurance will give you a discount to package both policies with them (multi-line discounts). All of our carriers, such as Progressive, New York Central Mutual, Travelers and Safeco, do exactly this. When you add renters to your existing auto, you get a pretty nice break for bundling both policies together. This can off-set premium increases and makes you a better looking risk in the future to other insurance companies as well.

When you're ready to see how much renter's insurance is for you; give us a call. My agents and myself will build a custom policy made just right for you and your living situation and help you stay protected. Call the Encompass Agency at 716-835-6790 (WNY) or 315-657-3688 (CNY) or request a quote online at www.encompassupstate.com


Taylor M. Haines is an Independent Agent and Managing Broker of the Encompass Agency, Inc. He writes auto, home and business insurance in Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse, and has clients as far-reaching as the Adirondack region. Taylor has been the acting manager of the agency since 2015 and has overseen the expansion of the brand throughout New York. He is married to his wife, Megan, since 2016 and resides in South Buffalo.

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