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Why Every Nurse Needs Personal Malpractice Insurance: Exploring the Benefits and Costs

Story by Staff Writer, February 19, 2023 9:50 PM EST - Buffalo, NY

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What is Personal Malpractice Insurance for Nurses

As a nurse, you already know the importance of professional liability insurance to protect yourself against claims of malpractice and other legal risks. However, did you know that relying solely on your employer's coverage may not be enough to safeguard your career and financial stability in the long run? In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits and costs of personal malpractice insurance for nurses, and why every nurse should consider investing in their own policy.

Limitations of Employer-Provided Malpractice Insurance

While many hospitals and healthcare facilities offer malpractice insurance coverage to their nursing staff, this coverage is often limited in scope and may not provide adequate protection for all scenarios. For example, some employer policies may only cover you while you are working within your specific job role or unit, leaving you vulnerable to claims or lawsuits that arise outside of these parameters. Additionally, employer-provided coverage may not be portable or transferable, meaning that if you switch jobs or move to a different state, you may lose your coverage altogether.

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Benefits of Personal Malpractice Insurance for Nurses

Investing in your own personal malpractice insurance policy as a nurse can provide a range of benefits and peace of mind, including:

  • More comprehensive coverage that extends beyond your job role or employer

  • Greater flexibility to choose your coverage limits, deductibles, and policy terms

  • Portability and transferability, so you can maintain your coverage regardless of your job or location

  • Tailored coverage options that address your specific risks and exposures as a nurse

  • Legal support and defense in the event of a malpractice claim or lawsuit

Evaluating the Cost-Effectiveness of Malpractice Insurance for Nurses

While personal malpractice insurance may sound like an additional expense on top of your other nursing-related costs, it's important to remember that the costs of a malpractice claim, or lawsuit, can far outweigh the cost of an insurance policy. By investing in your own policy, you can protect yourself and your career from the financial risks of malpractice and ensure that you have the resources and support you need to defend your reputation and livelihood.

DID YOU KNOW? A typical individual malpractice policy for registered nurses starts around $15 per month.


As a registered nurse, you have worked hard to build your career and reputation in the healthcare field. Protecting yourself and your livelihood against legal risks is essential to ensure that you can continue to provide the highest quality of care to your patients. By investing in your own personal malpractice insurance policy, you can take control of your professional liability coverage and enjoy greater peace of mind, knowing that you are prepared for whatever challenges may come your way.


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