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Earthquake hits Buffalo, 3.8 magnitude, shock wave felt into Canada

Story by Staff Writer, 9:41AM EST - Buffalo, NY

Buffalo, NY residents were jolted by a 3.8 magnitude earthquake that struck the city early this morning. The quake, which was reportedly centered near Buffalo, was felt by many residents in the surrounding areas.

According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the quake occurred at approximately 6:30 AM and was relatively shallow, with a depth of about 3 miles. Despite its relatively low magnitude, the quake caused minor tremors and shook buildings in the area.

There have been no reports of significant damage or injuries as a result of the quake. However, the Buffalo Police Department has urged residents to inspect their homes and buildings for any signs of damage and to report any issues to the authorities.

Earthquakes of this magnitude are relatively uncommon in the Buffalo area but can still cause significant stress and alarm for residents. Officials are reminding the public to be prepared for such events by ensuring they have emergency supplies and a plan in place.

Considering adding earthquake to your homeowner's insurance?

While Buffalo & Western New York are not prone to serious earthquakes, this article is proof it can happen anywhere and at any time. Without earthquake insurance, you may be responsible for paying for repairs or replacements out of pocket, which can be costly. Additionally, standard homeowner's insurance policies often exclude coverage for damage caused by earthquakes. By adding earthquake coverage to your policy, you can ensure that you and your property are protected in the event of an earthquake.

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